Artist’s Statement

Painting title "ROK"

I’ve been in love with art and creativity since I was a little kid, and my love for art has only grown over the years. I make paintings that I personally enjoy and find meaningful, but ultimately, the paintings are made with the hope that people will find some of their own love for art in my work.

Vibrant colors, contrast and movement speak to me in art, and I use all of them liberally in my work. I also enjoy slipping in a little symbolism when I can.

For example, I work in software / technology startups, and I occasionally bring in aspects of my work life, such as the binary code in this painting, titled ROK, which is the order of the 3 lines of binary in the painting.

In this particular instance, in my choice of the binary letters ROK, I also brought in my love for music and making music…especially rock music!

In short, I’m a nerd who gets a major kick out of making art with layers of meaning and free artistic expression. I hope you enjoy what you see!

– Mac Bartine